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If you were born outside Ireland, you must meet certain criteria to claim Irish citizenship. It would help to know exactly what documents to submit to get a passport under my circumstances. British passports issued will now be blue. UK Passport Frequently Asked Questions.

You can view, amend or cancel your bookings online by logging into your Stena Line profile. When we go for our VFS appointment I gather that they will take our passports and send them to Manila. With correct documentation, CIBTvisas can replace your lost or stolen passport in as little as a day.

Hi, You need to contact the company who are operating the ferry or plane service directly as they all slightly differ over what they require.

When the news broke that BNO passport holders were eligible for British citizenship after living and working in the UK for five years, and after spending another year of being granted settled status, many of my friends were excited.


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Where a document written in a foreign language is submitted in support of a passport application it should be submitted with an English translation attached.

Your application number can be found on the front of your form under the barcode number. Our website uses cookies to recognise users of our site and optimise your experience. Mohammad Ali Sadpara will be remembered as a versatile climber who was revered in his native Pakistan. Your fully completed application form.

Travellers will still need to ensure that their passport is valid for travel, however. We have been unable to process your application, please refer to the paragraph below. Alternatively, the funds must be paid directly to your Student sponsor before you travel to the UK. It is essential to make sure your passport reflects any changes you have made to your legal name. What if the child was adopted after birth? Sorry one more thing!

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You are formally recognised as a national of Ireland and a citizen of the European Union.

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