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The rescission of a foreclosure sale under this section restores the mortgagee and the debtor to their respective title, rights, and obligations under any instrument relating to the foreclosed property that existed immediately prior to the sale.

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The substitution shall contain the date of recordation of the trust deed, the name of the trustor, the book and page or instrument number where the trust deed is recorded, and the name of the new trustee.

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Beneficiary may apply any proceeds received under the property insurance policies covering the Property either to reduce the Obligation or to repair or replace damaged or destroyed improvements covered by the policy.


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Joint and Several Liability.

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Financing Lease then unpaid, and all other obligations secured by the Financing Lease, and finally will pay the balance, if any, to the holders of any junior liens upon the Property and then to the County and the School Board.

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Liens, Taxes and Assessments.

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Trustee shall be in writing of deed trust to secure performance of a senior deed a judicial process

To be used only when note has been paid.

OUR CLIENTS GritGrantor will furnish to Beneficiary, promptly upon request, satisfactory evidence of the payment of all Impositions.

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Beneficiary will either release any remaining amounts to Grantor or apply such amounts to reduce the Obligation.

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